Friday, June 17, 2011

See the Play or BE the Play

I'm done apologizing for not updating more regularly. If you have any notion that I will ever update with any sense of regularity, than you obviously don't know me very well.

A very dear friend of mine (who is far more thoughtful and articulate than I) decided to live her life by a mission that encompasses what she is passionate about. I thought this idea was so brilliant, I immediately wanted to try it out. It turns out, defining a mission statement for your own life is tough. I haven't figured it out. What I have figured out, is the mission statement for my daughter's life, or rather what I what for my daughter's life. I will feel successful as a mother if Ilya grows up to know who she is and is strong enough to express and follow her truth in life. Another mother friend of mine wrote a blog post a while back about a little boy on a playground who was upset when his friend called him a name. His mother's response was something along the lines, "if you know that is not what you are than don't get upset by it. Be your truth." Anyway, you should read it because it is far more eloquent than I can describe it.

It is rather disconcering when you child starts to say something that you never heard before and you wonder, "who is teaching my child to say these things?" Maybe she just made it up. Regardless, one of the cutest things Ilya has started doing is jumping up and down on the couch and asking, "Do you want to SEE the play or BE the play?" To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what she is asking, but I assume she is giving me the choice of watching her jump up and down or jumping up and down myself. I'm a pretty boring mother and usually opt for option number 1, but every once and a while I mix it up and tell her I want to BE the play. This usually confuses her and leads to, "No, mama. You need to SEE the play." Not sure why the second option exists I'm not allowed to take advantage of it...

I've started gardening and think I might be hooked. Who knew digging in the dirt was so much fun? Honestly, I spend most of my time weeding, but the rewards are fresh greens that I can pick anytime I feel like it.

Remember how we were trying to buy the house we are renting? We're still trying, however, our loan officer is no longer returning our calls. This can't be a good sign.