Monday, August 10, 2009

What to do? What to do?

I give up. I am at a crossroads in my life where I can literally do anything, and I have no idea what I should do. As I am a fan of lists and bullet points, here are some of my thoughts in a nice orderly bullet pointed list:

* go back to teaching - 
Pros: I love the day to day interactions with students, love teaching, summers off, same hours as Ilya when she is in school. 
Cons: bad pay, no respect, angry parents who assume I am giving their child an F because I harbor some deep seeded desire for their child to be a failure rather than because their child doesn't actually understand the material, long hours.

* be an astronomer - 
Pros: love astronomy, love math and physics, want to learn more about our universe, respect. 
Cons: very hard to get a job, lots of school.

* be a computer programer - 
Pros: work from home, flexible hours, great pay, respect, solving logic problems. 
Cons: tedious, isolating, not sure I'm going to like it

* develop my tutoring company - 
Pros: great pay, interesting work, already have a client base
Cons: working more hours than get paid for, unreliable

These are the major options that I've been thinking about. I would love to know what you, my faithful readers, think. Any other ideas. 


Sleep Deprivation Ninja said...

You should teach astronomical computer programming :)

Brendina Pederhold said...

That is hard. What about the architecture course you were thinking of taking? I say, try something other than teaching or tutoring, since those are the things you have done. Also, since you are not necessarily gung-ho to go back to or continue either, trust those feelings that want to try something else rather than continue with the familiar or "safe" options. But as to what that other should be...well, the one you seem most excited about based on your post is the astro one, so I say go for that!! No such thing as too much school.

Brendina Pederhold said...

Brendan's turn to comment on this blog:
Options without cons. Being happy. Living with us soon is a good next step. In my mind this little joint living venture will lead to entwining our lives in all manner of ways: opening a store together, raising your real child and our hypothetical children together, designing programs as one big family unit computer design team... in essence using the support network of each other to make all our dreams more attainable: we can make theatre together and afford a nice big rolling estate someday with acres of magical gardens for the children and us to romp and play in. What do you say?