Sunday, June 20, 2010

Future Plans

Alas, our time here in Germany is coming to an end. It has been a wild, wonderful adventure that has helped me grow and learn so much. There are so many things that I will miss terribly about living here, but I am also very ready to move on to the next stage of our lives. All these thoughts will be in another blog post. Today's post is dedicated to our future.

For those of you that are interested, I am outlining our travel plans through the middle of July:

This coming Saturday, we will leave our flat in Magdeburg and depart for Berlin where we will stay until Tuesday. Tuesday we will be catching a flight to Dublin Ireland. We don't know anyone personally in Ireland, but through friends of friends and couch surfing, we have people to stay with the entire two weeks we will be in Ireland!

We're spending 5 days in Dublin then traveling to Kilkenny where we will spend three days before heading on to Clomnel. Clomnel is the city that is hosting a giant theatre festival so we will be spending an entire week there. Our flight leaves Dublin on the 13th of July heading for New York.

We plan on spending four days and three nights in New York visiting friends and staying with more couch surfers before leaving for New Mexico on July 16th. I don't know how long we will stay in New Mexico, but I want to show my family some of my favorite places - like the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns. It would also be fun to take Ilya to the Balloon Festival in October.

We will be going to Wisconsin in October for Brendan and Stina's wedding and probably heading back to Seattle after that....but who knows what will happen. The only things set in stone right now are: Ireland, New York, Albuquerque, and Wisconsin. I am excited to be traveling more and meeting new people, but I miss Seattle terribly and can't wait to see my home again.

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