Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am so sick of hearing how well other people's babies sleep - of watching how quietly other people's babies sit - of seeing how calm other people's babies are. Alice has charisma! When she walks into a room (or is carried) people take notice. Babies stare, mothers laugh, random strangers smile and sunshine filters into the otherwise gloomy shadows. My baby girl has spirit, spunk, and an indescribably ability to bend the world around her the way she wants it to be.

Right now, I don't care that she is not sleeping. I don't care that she able to find that one moment of silence in a restaurant and fill it with the full force of her lungs. I don't care that she attacks every item within a 10 foot radius as if it were the most delicious piece of chocolate cake ever created. I simply adore this child and all of her wonderful quirks.