Sunday, May 10, 2009


We took Alice on her first camping trip this last weekend with several of our very best friends. They must really like us because they still like us even after a night in the woods with Alice waking up every half hour.

We went to Camano Island (which we pronounce Camino and is not really an island, but it is on the Puget Sound, so its close enough). Alice loved the outdoors. She played with everything and put everything in her, bugs, sticks, rocks. Here she is trying to steel some soda when our backs were turned.
I think I mentioned that she woke up every half hour, but let me reiterate...SHE WOKE UP EVERY HALF HOUR!!!! Here is daddy in the morning. You see that haze on the picture? That is a thin layer of ice covering the lens. It was that cold.
We were not the only ones who suffered. Look how tired poor Aiden is the next morning, and David looks like he could fall asleep any moment.We had so much fun, though. Alice loved the tent, although she was not such a fan of the multitude of layers that I forced her to wear for fear that she would catch cold and die. I think that there were over 7 layers covering her chest alone.We spent all day Saturday playing games on the beach with our friends. Who knew Alice was such a sports fanatic?All of our fun really tired us out. Here is Alice and Daddy the day after we got back.

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