Monday, May 3, 2010

A Picture Post!

I have been accused (by my dear husband) of "hoarding" my pictures and videos. This is not intentional - I'm just lazy and it takes a remarkable amount of work to transfer the photos to my computer then upload them to the blog. Case in point: I have been working on this blog post for the past 4 hours.

Here we have it. In no particular order (because I think I mentioned - I'm lazy) - pictures and video of the past few months.

Here is my baby girl at a park collecting dandelions. She has made it her personal mission in life to pick every dandelion that she finds.

This is my favorite cherry tree in that same park right next to my work. We've been picnicking here every chance we get.

I took this picture from a park in the back of Alle Center. The older looking tower in the background is The Dom - the oldest and tallest cathedral in German. I don't know what the closer one is called but it made for a pretty picture.

At the Irish Folk Festival with our Hungarian couch surfers, Emrey and Age
e (I know I just butchered the spelling of their names - hopefully they are not reading this). A really nice pair and our first introduction to couch surfing.

Playing football in the park with our friends...

Until Ilya got the ball and refused to give it back :)

In front of some of the few remaining sections of the Berlin wall on a weekend trip to Berlin we took with our friend, Emily, who, despite being American, gave us an amazing tour of the city.

Jewish Memorial in Berlin - a vast landscape of rectangular blocks o
f all shapes and sizes meant to symbolize the uniqueness of each Jewish person hurt during the war.

My new bike and Ilya's new bike! I LOVE my bike and want to figure out a way to get it back home for less than $100. Any ideas?

Daddy and Illy playing in the sand together. Such a beautiful father/daughter moment.

This is the outdoor library. You can just walk up and take any book you want. You can also leave any books you don't want. What a great idea.

This is a picture of a toilet inside the Hundertwasserhause (One of the last buildings build by Hundertwasser). They charge you 1 euro just to use it, so save your money and enjoy this picture instead :) The picture below is the actual Hundertwasserhouse - I didn't take that one - I got it here.

View from the top of Johanaschurcha (I'm so not spelling that right, but I looked and couldn't even find the correct spelling on the internet) - That lit up round building is the largest structure built entirely out of wood - or something like that. Inside it is a science museum showcasing scientific advances throughout time.
Adam, Ilya, and our friend, Robert on our way to the top of Johanaschurcha - I made it to the top then promptly turned around and ran back down. Stupid fear of heights.

Silly Illy

At the zoo - I gotta say: not my favorite zoo. The elephants were kept in an enclosure much too small for them as were many other animals. There was a wonderful playground section, though right inside the petting zoo. Adam summed it up, "Its a zoo built for humans not for animals." You could actually reach out and touch the elephants they were so close.

From left to right: Amelie (Stina's sister), Stina, Brendan, Dinosaur Dave, Ilya, and Adam at the zoo.

We visited this wonderful little town called Wernigerode‎ (prounced: vinager rhoda). Adam will be your tour guide.

Gratuitous adorable picture of my daughter and a video that it too cute for words.

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