Monday, March 16, 2009


As my dashboard kindly informs me, it has been a week since I updated my blog and I am feeling a bit guilty. I have about 100 new pictures that are so cute they will literally make you want to throw up complete with videos that show the cutest baby in the world doing the cutest things in the world. Lucky for you, they are still firmly embedded in my camera. I'm not have technical difficulties or anything like that - nope. I'm just too lazy to plug the camera into my computer. It would probably take me 10 seconds, but I'm really just not feeling cute pictures. No adorable videos that make you feel as if your life finally has meaning. I'll get to it soon...if I feel like it...

Here are some written updates to keep you satisfied until then. Alice is almost 10 months old and she is standing, crawling, pulling, pushing, saying "mama", waving good-bye/hell0/hey there's a car, and (my favorite) sleeping from 8pm until 5am almost every night. She has decided that cool babies don't sleep in the afternoon, so she takes one nap from 10-12:30 and is awake the rest of the day.

Her schedule is finally getting regular (I shouldn't have said that - every time I say that, she changes it up on me and never for the better).

She is the perfect baby (I know, I'm acting like one of those annoying mothers who gushes about their baby...but, in this case, it is all true). She cuddles with me, yet she is ready to explore. She isn't afraid of new people, but she always comes right back to me as if to say, "mama, I love you, even though I'm going to play with this other person now, I'll be back soon," It kills me.

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