Monday, April 13, 2009

rainy seattle

Do you want to know WHY it is raining? Because last week I bought two beautiful, healthy tomato plants. Do you know what tomato plants need to stay beautiful and healthy? SUN. Not rain. SUN. Sigh. I named them - Sue and Bob. I'm feeling maternal and I will be devastated if they die. I am seriously contemplating purchasing a tanning bed so that they can get the UV lights they need.

The rain in Seattle means that Alice and I have had to get both creative and tough regarding our daily activities. We went to the Zoo Saturday, and I managed to keep her mostly dry while I emerged drenched to the bone. Mostly, we've been taking lots of baths (which is a good thing because Alice's new favorite food is blueberries and I'm beginning to wonder if the blue stains will ever come off of her fingers and face - not to mention her clothes). We bathe every evening and, recently, she has been showering with me again in the morning. There is nothing quite like taking a nice hot shower when it is cold and wet outside.

Caution: the following pictures may contain baby nudity!

Cutest tush EVER!

Bath time is a busy time.

The girl loves her bubbles - I couldn't be more proud!

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Bleckus said...

"it's ileya! bubbles! ileya is having fun bath! Bubbles!" "you want take a shower!" i think you've made a little man VERY jealous :).
Also i think it's funny how he pronounces Ilya's name.