Friday, December 12, 2008

Haiku day 9

I give you my sleep
Soaring on the backs of dreams
Soundlessly resting

Why don't babies come with instruction manuals? Each one would have to be different to account for the unique needs of each child. One instruction manual might recommend putting baby to sleep around 9pm for optimal sleep duration lasting no less than 8 hours. Others, like mine, might caution that care of this baby might require sleepless nights.

"Baby has a loving temperament and will instantly be soothed by the sound of your voice, the caress of your hand, and being embraced. Baby will be charming and attempt to make eye contact and smile at everyone you pass. Do not be surprised if total strangers talk to you on a daily basis about the smile of baby while attempting to tickle baby's tummy and touch baby's hands.

"By 6 months of age, baby will need to be nursed once every 3 hours although, it is important to note that baby can go as long as 6 hours without being fed. When eating solid foods, first remove all clothing from baby. Second, place clear plastic food catcher beneath baby's chair. Third, have a hose ready to spray baby off when finished.

"At night, baby will fall asleep easily if a bedtime routine is in place that includes: naked time, bath, story time, and nursing. Baby, however, will not stay asleep for longer than 1.5 hours. Your particular model of baby wakes frequently during the night. To make up for this, we have enabled this baby to be instantly soothed, so putting baby back to sleep should be no problem...just don't expect baby to stay asleep.

"If nighttime wakings should cause distress, please keep in mind that your model of baby smiles, laughs, and cuddles more than other models currently on the market.

"We hope you enjoy this baby. Our help line is open 24 hours a day if any questions should arise."

I can wish, can't I?

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