Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No more Haiku

I have decided that writing a haiku everyday is stupid and I'm not going to do it anymore. OK, its not stupid, its boring. Who wants to read a new Haiku everyday? I certainly don't, and if I don't even want to read my own haiku, I figure I should stop. Yes, I know what this means - I failed my own challenge, but I am a firm believer that life is about evolving and growing and if I failed my challenge it is only because I was able to evolve to a place where I don't need to do it anymore (yes, I was excellent at coming up with excuses not to do my homework in high school).

In other, non haiku related news, my family is descending on us tomorrow. I am actually very excited that they are coming to visit us, but really they didn't have a choice. We declared long before Alice was born that we were not traveling with our baby for the first year - and we have stuck by that promise. Its actually very easy to do when you realize everything that goes into traveling with a baby - ITS TERRIFYING!!! Especially THIS year with everyone stuck at the airport for DAYS!!! I can just see Alice now:

Alice: mom, its been 5 minutes. Why arn't you singing and dancing to entertain me?

Mom: Alice, I would love to entertain you, but we are stuck in this airport and I need to go wait in a line that will most likely take hours so that I can put us on a list that will most likely be for a canceled flight - ask your dad to entertain you.

5 minutes later:

Alice: Mom, why are you not feeding me right here and now?

Mom: Alice, I just fed you an hour ago and you spent the entire time trying to expose me to the entire airport. Don't you want to wait just a little bit longer?

I can just imagine this process continuing for days! My heart really goes out to all those stranded at the airport - especially those with children.

Not having to go to the airport, we have have been enjoying the snow!

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