Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alice's first love

I have what is probably the sweetest, most easy-going cat in the world. His name is Thor and he loves attention more than breathing. Literally. He would allow himself to be smothered if it meant that he could get a little love. Luckily for him, Alice LOVES him. If its a choice between her parents and Thor, she'll run to Thor every time.

Thor can't decide if he wants Alice to get close to him or not. On the one hand, he loves the attention, but, on the other hand, the attention that she gives him is slightly...painful. This indecision on his part results in a dance around the house that looks something like this:

First Alice approaches Thor (she has gotten so good at crawling).
He sees her and thinks, "oh, she's coming over her to give me some love!" so he stays put.Then she goes for the tail - because, lets be honest, it is the most interesting part of a cat. It moves so quickly and it is so soft.Thor thinks to himself, "This is annoying, but I do so love any attention that I can get, so I think I'll hang out and see what happens." This is when the baby attack occurs.
So Thor gives up and runs away. But he doesn't run far away. He wants the pain to stop, but he wants to stay close by in case more love is on the way. The baby gate has provided him with a small measure of safety. This makes Alice sad and slightly surprised.
Fear not little one. Thor loves you too and quickly returns for more.

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