Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bumps and teeth

Sometimes Alice does things that are so sweet it makes me want to cry. Like the hugs she gives me in the morning when I pick her up, or the way she buries her head in my neck when she is sleepy. Recently, she had two major milestones that she handled with the grace and courage of a baby twice her age.

Yesterday, Alice pulled herself up to a standing position without any help from me at all! It was so exciting. I took lots of pictures and got this great series of photos where she is standing and then falling down. Unfortunately, my computer ate them so the only way to see these photos is to visit my husband's blog. He stole my photos and posted them as if HE were the one to catch this momentous occasion on film! Now you know the truth.

This standing thing was so exciting, but she really doesn't quite have the hang of it yet. She tends to try to stand with her feet really far away from the object that she is pulling herself up with.

This stance causes her to place all of her weight on her hands which means that if her hands slip, she ends up with a face plant on the object that she is leaning against. This is not a problem if the object is something like a couch, but it becomes more dangerous when the object is our very sharp, awful coffee table (I never though I could have such negative feelings towards a coffee table). Alice was pulling herself up against said table and face planted directly into the edge of it. A huge welt rose on her perfect little cheek, but the part that made me really want to cry was that she only cried for a minute and then was ready to try again. Its so sweet and courageous, it breaks my heart.

If it were me, I would pout for hours and constantly point to the offended area looking for sympathy anyway I could get it. My daughter is officially braver than I am.

No sooner did she learn to stand then she was on to climbing. Nothing is safe.

As if this painful experience wasn't enough, Alice has had the unfortunate experience of cutting her first tooth. Now, when other babies get teeth, they scream and cry and moan all day and night. Not Alice. This tooth grew in without so much as a peep. Yesterday she was all gums and this morning, there was a little jagged edge on the front bottom right of her mouth.

This is a picutre of her tounge.

Here is another picture of her tounge.

I am posting these so you realize that I tried desperately to take a pictue of the little guy, but I think he's camera shy, so I am posting picures of her mouth instead. I took about 30 picutres of tounge and lips before I gave up.

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Alissa said...

You and Alice make me laugh out loud.