Friday, January 22, 2010

Exploring Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of those cities that everyone knows about because its a big city in Germany but people don't actually go there very much (aside from business) because there just isn't a lot to do there. According to Rick Steves (who I've decided is my own personal Guru), Frankfurt used to be a banking town (there are a ton of banks) but wanted to change their image. So, they invested a bunch of money into the arts and museums started popping up right and left. Now, I didn't actually go into any museums (its just not my favorite way to experience the culture of a new city), but we did explore all of the areas around the museums.

This is Brendan, Stina, and Adam in the main tourist square.

It looks like those buildings behind them are really old, but actually, they were redone in the 1980's.

We drank authentic Frankfurt apple wine (which was remarkably like hard cider) and entertained Ilya by tossing her around a bit.

Have I mentioned what a great traveller my daughter is? Aside from the whole "no sleep" stance she took on the plane, she has been a saint. Here she is entertaining herself in our hotel room. I swear she did this for over an hour.

She is sound asleep now, after my friends (otherwise known as saints) took care of her this afternoon so I could catch up on some much needed sleep.

Tomorrow, we hop on a train for Magdeburg (6 hours total including two transfers) - I'm not worried. Ilya is a pro at traveling.

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