Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Plane Ride

How can a child who roughly stays awake for 5 hours at a time suddenly decide to stay awake for all but the last five minutes of a 10 hour flight? There were tears. Both hers and mine - luckily, I have THE GREATEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD. He did more than his fair share of baby duty.

The flight was barely half full which meant that Ilya had her choice of empty seats - not that she wanted to sit. Ever. We tried everything to get her to go to sleep, but in the end, when it was 12am Seattle time and the plane was making its final decent, she closed her eyes and concked out. Awesome. She slept just long enough for us to reach our hotel then woke up and was ready to play. And I thought jet lag was hard BEFORE having a baby.

Our friends are coming to meet us at our hotel and should be here any minute. I can't wait to see them and explore. As I write this, it is about 5:30pm Frankfurt time and Ilya has been asleep for the last 4 hours which is why I am tickling her toes and trying to explain that she needs to wakes up now so that she can sleep again in 3 hours. Logic does not work as well as one might imagine on a one year old.

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