Monday, January 25, 2010

Its Cold - and not in a good way

Looking back at my life, there are times when I've been cold. It snowed at least once a year in New Mexico, and even Seattle has had its fair share of cold snaps, but I had no idea what COLD was until I got to Magdeburg. Its the kind of cold that seeps through your clothes no matter how many layers you have on. Its the kind of cold that makes you question how people have even evolved to live in such conditions in the first place.

After five minutes, my cheeks begin to tingle and my legs are completely frozen (I don't even OWN any extra layers for my legs). After ten minutes the cold has penetrated my super bulky down winder jacket and is quickly moving up my arms to my chest. I don't know what happens after 15 minutes, because I haven't made it that long. I imagine that I would just completely freeze solid like those blue cartoon characters complete with the rectangular ice cube encasing my body.

The worst part is, while my bodily systems are shutting down, all I can think of is Ilya. The poor child has never worn so many clothes at once in her entire life. I put her in so many layers her arms stick straight out to the sides and she is forced to waddle back and forth because her legs won't go together. I put her in the stroller under blankets with a hat and a hood, and I still worry.

I defiantly feel like a foreigner. While I am wearing every piece of clothing that I brought with me, people are walking past me wearing nothing more than a thin jacket. I satisfy myself thinking they would be burning up after five minutes in Seattle.

In other news, we looked at an apartment today that is right across the courtyard from Brendan and Stina, and we liked it a lot. We also registered with the help of a German friend we made named Sebastian, who was able to translate everything the officials were telling us.

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