Tuesday, February 2, 2010

apartment hunting

I think the the property manager for the apartment we want works for the German equivalent of the CIA and only uses his status as "apartment manager" as a cover. I say this because there must be at least 30 vacant apartments on this street alone, yet despite our shining rental application that "looks great" (his words) he is taking FOREVER to get back to us. You would think that a property manager would jump at the chance to have someone rent a vacant apartment (I know I would feel a whole lot better if I had a signed lease and tenants moving into my house in Seattle), but he is not getting back to us.

So, I have come to the only logical conclusion one can draw in such a situation: he works for the German CIA and has been away on a secret undercover mission. I mean think about it: he speaks English perfectly. He won't tell me where his office is (he says something like, "its very far away" - very far away, hu? Like in America!). I'm conflicted. Should I tell the US that I have uncovered a secret spy? Or, should I keep my mouth shut in hopes that he will be so grateful that he will actually RENT ME THE APARTMENT!

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