Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creating Community in Unlikely Places

Its strange that I have travelled half way around the world to a little corner of Germany that no one visits of their own free will only to discover a wonderful community of people.

This evening we had our friends, Brendan, Stina, Robert, and Stabastion over for dinner. Brendan and Stina live right across the courtyard from us and Robert and Stabastion live just one flight up and across the hall. I didn't stress about what I was making or if the flat looked presentable (its hard to go wrong when you only have four chairs and a table occupying the entire room). Instead, I focused on the company.

Almost every night since we arrived in Mageeburg we have spent some amount of time with friends. Its wonderful for Ilya to be around so many people that adore her, and it really helps us feel less isolated out here in the middle of nowhere Germany.

I want to be part of a community like this when I get home, but I'm not sure Seattle is set up for such a thing. Maybe I just need to be more proactive in inviting others over, but it really does help having friends who live two minutes away.

Update on the photo situation: I was certain that I brought my camera battery charger, but TSA must have have stolen it because it I can't find it anywhere. I ordered a new on, and it is currently sitting in a German post office waiting for me to pick it up (of course, first I have to figure out where this post office is located and how to get there - not such an easy feat when everything is in German).

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Brendina Pederhold said...

I just caught up on reading your blog and it is great! I am actually hope right now recuperating from children...I got another teacher to take my afternoon units. Reading your blog is inspiring! I'm going to update our blog now. I'll come over later, if that's all right. Love you.