Monday, January 12, 2009

I am an adult

SDN and I went out...just the two of us...alone...without adults. I almost didn't know how to act when there wasn't a cute little neck to burble or a bouncing baby to grab every object within a one mile radius.

We saw a concert at my favorite venue, the Triple Door, and had alcoholic beverages and ate slowly and cuddled and I didn't have to expose my boobs even one time. It was so relaxing and dignified. We arrived just before the show began so we got seated in the rear of the theatre allowing us to view not only the performers but all the other patrons as well. Towards the front row there was a family (obviously huge Lenka fans - did I mention we were seeing Lenka...we were) consisting of a mother, father, little boy and little girl. The little girl couldn't have been more than 7 and, in the spirit of being 7, she continuously jumpped up and waved at the performers. It was so cute I wanted to cry.

Alice would have loved it but SDN wouldnt' let me take her. "its too loud," he complained. "You're turning into an old man," I retorted. "If I was old, I wouldn't think that it was too loud because I wouldn't be able to hear," he responded. "Yea, well...old people think things are too loud and you think things are too loud so you must be there...and your beard is too long." I showed him. Really put him in his place.

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Sleep Deprivation Ninja said...

Oi, you totally left off my oh, so sensible retort. Old people think rock shows are too loud because when they were kids, rock shows were two people quietly tapping rocks together.