Friday, January 9, 2009

To santa or not to santa

Being a parent is hard work. It seams like every day there is a new decision to make that could alter the course of my baby's development...forever...

Do we let her play with the toy that is proven to raise her IQ but contains large wooden balls that could possibly detach and choke her? Do we use cloth diapers at night, which would be more environmentally friendly but tends to the morning? Do we vaccinate? Do we need to apply for pre-school now in order to get her into the "good" ones? Do we use baby sign language? I could go on forever.

Of all these questions, though, none seams more debated than "The Santa Question." Before having Alice, I vowed that I would never lie to her. No matter what she wanted to know, I would tell her the truth, but what about Santa? Who am I to deny her these childhood fantasies?

Luckily, I don't have to decide yet. Alice doesn't care about "The Santa Question." She only cares about getting to eat all that pretty paper that is covering all that junk.

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