Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a lot can happen in two days

Yesterday, Alice's 8 month birthday marked a mobile milestone for our little one. She officially crawled two paces before collapsing. It was huge, and joyous, and involved lots of cheering and singing led by SDN and myself to which Alice looked at us like we were a little crazy - but that's what she gets having two dorks for parents.

Her method for crawling is a bit...how shall I put this...inefficient. First she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. Then she slides her feet under her keens so that she is in something like a downward facing dog - although one her left leg is always straighter than her right leg so this maneuver invariably leads to a collapse on her right side, but not before those inches of coveted movement occur. Once she lands on her right side she wiggles her but around until she is in a seated position and then looks at me like, "WTF, how did I get seated on my butt. I was trying to move forward...you did this didn't you?" Then, in a fit of despair, she collapses on her stomach and repeats the process. Its so wonderfully jiggly with so little progress being made that it makes me tired just looking at her - so I figure, watching Alice crawl actually fullfills MY quota of exercise for the day. I love having a baby.

Today was a day about new beginnings. You would have to be dead or living as a hermit with no access to TV, radio, newspaper, or skywriters to not know that today Obama was swarn in as the 44th president. To honor this occasion, Alice and I watched his speach on TV. This is huge. Alice does not watch TV. In her entire life, I think she has watched TV for a total of 5 minutes prior to today, and I was gleefully amused to notice that she really couldn't have cared less about the moving talking pictures on the screen. She is obviously gifted and realizes that TV is beneath her. I guess the important thing, though, is that she can say, "I saw Obama get swarn in when I was just a baby." She can have the same status as all my friends who claim that they saw the original Star Wars in the movie theatre when they were infants.

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