Thursday, January 29, 2009

An act of desperation

I sound like a broken record (do those even exist anymore?): Last night was the worst night yet. It started out grand. Alice went down easily and slept soundly...until I crawled into bed. From that moment on, she woke up every 10 minutes demanding to be fed (which I obediently obliged). By 4am, I was in tears and recommended that SDN head downstairs so that he could get some sleep. At 6am, she was still waking up every 10 or 15 minutes, and I could feel myself about to have a psychotic episode. I thought about heading downstairs as well and leaving Alice to cry it out in our bed, but then I realized that that was silly.

So, as light was streaming through my window, (here is my act of desperation) I carried Alice into her bedroom and put her in her crib. I was expecting wild-eyed tears, fear of this unknown environment, pleading for me to take her back.

This is not what happened.

Alice almost instantly fell asleep...until 9am!

How could I have been so stupid. Everyone said that she is waking up because she is smelling my milk, to which I replied "it doesn't matter, I love cuddling with my baby girl." I didn't really believe them, but it was all true.

Despite how tired I am right now, I cannot wait for tonight. I'm hoping that Alice sleeps well in her crib like she did last night.

Besides, how can I be grumpy when I have this face to greet me in the morning?

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