Saturday, January 17, 2009

I hate teeth

I hate teeth. I really do. With the invention of the blender, why do we even need them anymore anyways - sure you might miss out of some texture, but think of all the wonderful food combinations you could make with the press of a button. Eating would take a tenth of the time it does now and those evil white bones would stop making my poor baby cry.

Poor Alice is least I think she is - I've been saying that she's teething for so long, but this time I really think she is. Her gums are swollen and can't sleep longer than an hour before waking up in pain. I feel so bad for her - she's tired and in pain, but she still smiles at me when I burble her tummy. It makes me want to reach into her mouth and rip out those pesky teeth - which would be bad because then she would be in more pain than she is now...and she wouldn't have any teeth.

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